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Family Office

Family Office Services

We completely understand that needs of each family are unique .We endeavour to be the right partner & provide tailor made solutions , which cater to the unique needs , goals and aspirations of the Family. We keep in mind your need for customised choices and personalised services and help you define your own space .

Wealth Planning and Investment Management

We help you create a blue print for yourself basis your wealth goals and your life stage. We help you grow , preserve and protect your wealth . We ensure the right asset allocation , do a detailed risk assessment on an ongoing basis . Our unbiased , independent advisory approach helps us, provide you with the best in class range across asset classes , products ,onshore and offshore products.

Alternate investment strategy

Our best in class investment process is mainly driven by long-term proven investment performance in alternate investment strategies . Our specialized services and selection process of best investment strategies and managers , help reduce costs achieving a full balance sheet , financial management and investment solution.

Succession & Legacy Planning

Succession & Legacy planning helps you to pass on your hard built wealth to your family and Our structured solutions provide protection to your assets thus helping you enjoy the financial freedom in your golden years maintaining your current and future lifestyle requirements. Our aim is to help you enhance control of your financial position while facilitating an orderly wealth transfer to your next generation family.

Wealth transfer to younger generations

We help the Younger family members overcome challenges in managing the family’s wealth. Keeping your vision in mind we help them prepare and be in control of future responsibilities helping them develop their capabilities realistically so that they are ready for their new roles and manage family’s wealth and business effectively .


Philanthrophy involves a lot assistance in making right and effective charitable donations and it needs building up of foundations. We articulate a frame work to your philanthropic investment objectives so that they leave an impact and make a mark in your goals for the betterment of the society.